Charting the Omaha System way, Integrated in the EHR Software


The Omaha System was designed to automate health care assessments and services at the point-of-care. It has been used by caregivers and nurses for many years. Patagonia Health EHR is developing a built-in optional App solution that adheres to the Omaha System principles, offering all the Omaha System capabilities and benefits directly from the EHR records.

  • The Omaha System App is a comprehensive health assesment tool, a well defined health intervention language, and a multi-dimensional measurement scale.
  • Its purpose is to improve and standardize public health practice, documentation, data collection, and outcome reporting.
  • Standardization of data allows clinical data to link to demographics, administrative, billing, and staffing data.
  • Integrated directly into the EHR for seamless workflow of clinical charting all within the patient’s health records.

Features & Benefits

  • Simple and understandable
  • Effective method for documentation, communication, coordination of care, and outcome measurement
  • Uses standardized data sets for classification of problems
  • Uses defined terms to add specificity to the intervention
  • Utilizes the KBS (knowledge, behavior, solution) 5-point rating scale for outcomes and evaluation of change
The Omaha System Karen Monsen 2009

The Omaha System (Martin, 2005) ©Karen Monsen 2009