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Millennials: Customer Service Change-makers [1] Customer Service Millennials [1]{Note:  This is the third installment a blog series spotlighting the impact the Millennial generation is having – and will continue to have – on healthcare.} “Established healthcare companies and brands could lose their consumer base to new entrants that better understand what Millennials are looking for,” states  Lynn O’Conner Vos (CEO of Grey Health Group/KANTAR) ... Read more... [1]

Millennials: Technology Change-Makers [2] Millennials Technology Change Makers [2]{Note: This is the continuation of a blog series which will spotlight the impact the Millennial generation is having – and is predicted to have – on healthcare.  We’ll take our cue from millennials themselves and not limit ourselves to the number in the series . . . we’ll go where the series leads us.} Technology:  ... Read more... [2]

Millennials and Healthcare – Get Ready! [3] millennials health care change makers [3]Amidst all the hot topics swirling in the health care arena – “Meaningful Use/MIPS”. . . “FPAR” . . . “Opioid Crisis” – one topic off the radar from “bureaucratic speak” has caught our eye:  the impact the generational cohort known as “Millennials” is having on every level of the sector.  As such, Patagonia Health ... Read more... [3]

The Coffers are Open: EHR Funding Op for NC Behavioral Health Agencies – Is Your State Next? [4] EHR funding [4]A treasure chest has been found in the behavioral health landscape of North Carolina – Is your state next?   As healthcare agencies and healthcare authorities across the nation are recognizing the value of transitioning to an electronic healthcare record system, funding agencies are waving their pom-poms in encouragement and opening their coffers to continue the transitions.  ... Read more... [4]

Avoiding Analysis Paralysis When Selecting an EHR [5] too many choices [5]Think back to the grocery shopping experience of our childhood:  the cereals were a “section” – not an entire aisle.  We chose between Cheerios.   But can you guess how many kinds ... Read more... [5]

Having the Right Tool at the Right Time [6] [6]In our last blog, we encouraged agencies who were beginning the process of implementing an electronic health record (EHR) system  to “Find Your Driver”:  to identify the one key person in your system who believes in the idea of what an EHR platform could do, believes in the people providing support behind the system – ... Read more... [6]